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"Tips from Ron" and "Stats" on some of our previous

Tournament Winners!

Very Special "Thank You" to Manami Naito for all her excellent work preparing these videos for us to share

CurrentWinners of  RTB's Weekly BASS Tournament Are . . .

BIG BASS                4   lb    11 oz     Mark Murphy

1st Place               11   lb     7 oz      Mike Ceranski & Jerry Davis

2nd Place              11   lb     3 oz      Brandon Franks & JR Bass

3rd Place               10   lb     0 oz     Mark Murphy & Jeremy Scarborough

Results from  10/26/17  - Lake Rochelle - (16) Boats 


was a HOT steamy day.  Even on such a hot day, there were (90) fish weighed in with a good number in the 8-10+ lb range.  We had (27) Boats competing on Lake Alfred for the $1000 Grand Prize, but as you know . . only (1) Team can win.  We sincerely appreciate ALL of our Anglers who turned out to help our Lake Alfred Lions Club . . You guys are the BEST!! . . THANK YOU!!

CONGRATULATIONS!! . . To our Winners of the July 4th Tournament
BIG BASS ~ James Strickland (10 lb/5 oz) . . WOW!!             $  270  Winner
1st Place ~ Jack Alward & Joshua Hendrix (17 lb/3 oz)      $ 1000  Winners
2nd Place ~ Monte Goodman & Will Evans (13 lb/7 oz)       $  400   Winners
3rd Place ~ Ricky Helms & Tony Cample II (13 lb/6 oz)       $  200   Winners

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Lake Rochelle.

​Lake(s) Cannon & Eliose

Lake Summit


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Click for current RTB Tournament Rules)

For the past (19) years Ron's Tackle Box has held weekly BASS TOURNAMENTS from April 1st through October 31st.  During season, the tournaments are held each Thursday from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM.  The entry fee is $30.00(Effective 7/14/16) per boat with a (1) or (2) man team.   Each week prizes are awarded for 1st ~ 2nd ~ 3rd ~ BIG BASS categories.  The tournaments have drawn anywhere from (15) to (55+) boats, with the average tournament running about (25).  The atmosphere of our tournaments is "family oriented" so bring along your wife, son, daughter, or grandpa without fear. Drunkenness, foul language, dishonesty, or hostile attitudes will not be tolerated . . offenders will be asked to leave and not return. The fishing locations are always at one of our beautiful Polk County lakes in the Lake Alfred, Auburndale, Lakeland, and Winter Haven areas.  Each week the location is kept "secret" and is not announced until Thursday AM by checking Del Milligan's column in "The Ledger", checking the home page on this website, "like & follow" us on Face Book, or by calling Ron at (863) 956-4990.      



​​380 S. Lake Shore Way, Lake Alfred, FL  33850

​(863) 956-4990

2ND ANNUAL                                               "PROMOTIONAL" TOURNAMENT on Saturday, September 24, 2016

hosted by Ron's Tackle Box and held on the South Winter Haven Chain out of Lake Shipp Park offered fantastic weather and great fishing.  (74) boats competed for the BIG BASS Prize of $500 and the Grand Prize of $2000.  A team of (2) young men took both!!  Sebastian Greico was our BIG BASS winner landing a 7 lb/12 oz beauty. Sebastian and partner Clay Harvey also took the Grand Prize hauling in a total weight of 16 lb/3 oz, which they accomplished using BASS ASSASSIN "Pure Craw" Baits in June Bug/Blue Belly color.  Power Pole raffled off a Sportsman II Shallow Water Anchor (Value $1295) to lucky winners Mark and Beth Palm.  All-in-all a great day! . . Enjoy the photos!                                                                (Click & Scroll)